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Medical & Infection Control Keyboards

Products engineered for healthcare — to prevent infection,

increase clinician productivity and protect patient confidentiality

In KSI’s 1700 and 1800 series, the keyboard has finally come of age as a tool for good.  Good for clinicians, who need to eliminate cross-contamination.  Good for patients, who experience reduced exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.  Good for infection preventionists, who need to know when, where, and by whom a KSI keyboard was cleaned.  Good for IT managers, who need to manage access to electronic patient records.

KSI services top-ranked hospitals around the world with rugged, multipurpose, multi-factor keyboards

RCO-6120-2060S GPU Computing System Inte

KSI-1700 SX HW-16

Healthcare White Keyboard with LinkSmart® Cleaning Button

Healthcare white finish
Durable surface with low-profile keys
LinkSmart® push-to-clean keyboard locking system
Easy disinfection with standard, approved wipes
San-a-Key® real-time monitoring of infection prevention compliance
Generation of real-time and historical analytics
User-defined, scheduled cleaning
Pop-up cleaning reminder notifications

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