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Power Automation And Intelligent Computing For Industrial IoT


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at the heart of the fourth Industrial Revolution is generating tremendous quantities of data allowing organizations to increase facility automation. Industrial PCs enable more hands-off automation for reducing costs and increasing safety.

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Benefits In Upgrading To Industrial PCs

  • Engineered for rugged reliability and industrial grade longevity, less downtime and more efficiency

  • Consolidate industrial workloads for both legacy equipment and new digital demands from IT to OT

  • Deliver Edge computing performance and inference capabilities in real-time

  • Upgrade to latest technology in processing, intelligence, and connectivity to enable more automation

  • Improve cybersecurity and remote manageability

Ruggedized Designs For Harsh Deployments

Industrial PCs are built to perform amid severe physical conditions found in industrial environments. These compact and ruggedized computing machines are engineered for reliability in the most mission-critical applications. They feature the best in thermal dissipation and mechanical designs to eliminate failure points that cripple consumer desktop computers in the harshest environments.

wide temperature_fanless pc.png

Fanless & Cable-less

water resistance.JPG

Water Resistance

wide temperature.JPG

Wide Temperature

shock_vibration resistance.JPG

Shock & Vibration Resistance

power protection.JPG

Power Protection

Industrial PCs: Real-Time Control And Data Processing

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Workload Consolidation For Automation And IoT

Industrial PCs supply the scalable, advanced processing capabilities legacy industrial controllers were not designed to support. Database linking, managing production capacity and materials availability, deploying targeted applications and handling communication traffic can be performed with a reduced hardware footprint by leveraging a robust industrial pc to connect to all your automation devices and infrastructures.

Automation and IOT.png

C&T's Industrial PCs deliver unprecedented flexibility and scalability to Smart facility digital transformations and Industry 4.0 overhauls. With a range of connectivity options, application support and rich expandability, Industrial PCs gives managers more hands-on control in implementing hands-off automation.

Machine Learning Inference Analysis

Trained Deep Learning models deployed locally perform real-time inference analysis for artificial intelligence (AI) decisions and responses that initiate actions improving safety and efficiency.

Machine learning.jpg

Computer Vision With Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs with GPU leverage powerful parallel processing toward deep learning models to analyze and respond to optical input. Systems form understanding of visual data to initiate preventative maintenance, equipment redirection, system recalibration, resource reallocation or human intervention. Computer vision brings several advancements to industrial facilities.

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