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Leverage the Power of GPU Inference Analysis to Prevent Widespread Pandemics

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Today, machine vision combined with GPU powered inference analysis allow healthcare practitioners to focus on what they do best, health and safety for the world. Valuable Data that is aggregated from edge computing machines provide predictive insights for better results. With technological advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the world now has the ability to analyze real-time data in order to predict, prevent, and treat diseases or pandemics immediately

Intelligent Surveillance for Healthcare and Safety

Contactless, containment, and prevention monitoring to do away with time-consuming personal temperature readers that put individuals in close proximity to danger or disease.


Advancements in AI-enabled Medical Imaging Provide Solution for Prevention

High-speed computing and parallelized graphics computing has helped provide a better quality of medical imaging and prevention. Rather than relying on expert humans who can eventually tire, machine learning through inference analysis can view and analyze hundreds of scans in real-time to recognize meaningful patterns. This is accomplished with deep learning algorithms and neural networks that effortlessly compare 3D images with hundreds of thousands of images to detect even the smallest life-threating issues.


Predicting the Spread of a Viral Pandemic

Globalization puts all of us in an interconnected world. Knowledge of the flights, airports and travel itineraries of billions of passengers enables accurate prediction by AI and can prevent the spread of dangerous viruses like the COVID-19 outbreak. Industrial-grade GPU computers have been proven to reduce airport security passport checks to a swift 20 Seconds!


Rugged Edge IoT Solutions for Real-Time Data Analytics

Edge Computing and Inference Analysis

GPU Computing Series

  • Integrated with fast and powerful GeForce® GTX 1050Ti / RTX 2060

  • LGA 1151 socket for 6th / 7th Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Pentium® / Celeron® processor

  • Support up to 8K resolution & 6 independent displays

  • Versatile industrial I/O interfaces & diverse expandability

  • Wide range power input supporting AT/ATX modes

  • Extended operating temperature support

Flexible and Effective Solutions for Machine Vision Applications

VCO Series Machine Vision System

  • Available in superior computing performance and low power segment (Supports Intel® Bay Trail / Kabylake-U / Kabylake-S / Skylake-S / CFL-R S Processors)

  • Multiple PCI or PCIe expansion slots for add-on cards

  • Constructed by extruded aluminum & heavy duty metal

  • Fanless design but support optional fan module

  • Extended Operating Temperature support

Data Logging, Monitoring, and Surveillance for the Edge IoT

ACO Series Machine Vision System

  • Available in superior computing performance and low power segment (Supports Intel® Broadwell-U/ Kabylake-S / Skylake-S / CFL-R S Processors)

  • Designed for vertical market application

  • Power ignition management built-in

  • Certification ready

  • Fanless & Cable-less design

  • Extreme high I/O flexibility enabled by unique modular design

  • Wide range power input supporting AT/ATX modes

  • Extended operating temperature support

Delivers Reliability & Scalability to Smart Medical

 Industrial Panel PC

  • Modular design for panel pc and touch monitor

  • IP65 Rated for dust and water intrusion

  • Easy plug and play for edge computing

  • Full-HD resolutions for best display quality

  • 10" to 22" PCAP or resistive touch screens

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