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RCO-6020-1050Ti industrial edge computer system supports time-sensitive, high-performance edge workloads in real-time


Improved Airport Productivity, Safety and Convenience


C&T’s embedded computing solutions with GPU efficiently and accurately screens passenger traffic with greater identification reliability, increasing travel security. The platform supports machine learning that refines system performance with each biometric processing. Edge Computers use power GPU cores to reduce bottlenecks that impact customer satisfaction and airport throughput in a matter of seconds. The system has the processing power to consolidate unmanned security touch-point workloads by controlling displays, document scanners, sensors, cameras and mechanical security gates.

Intelligent Analytics

The GPU embedded computing system delivers actionable analytics that can quickly detect threat patterns to reduce response times. Robust AI-enabled medical inference analysis can help identify contagion symptoms to prevent illness outbreaks beyond security touch-points. Centralized traffic management and can more efficiently direct passenger flow to accommodate airport travel peak times and scheduled travel surges.


Rugged Edge Computer; Flexible Application

GPU computers perform continuously without downtime or latency to preserve passenger flow. The RCO-6020-1050TI is tested in extreme conditions to endure heavy airport foot-traffic environments. Its rich I/O expandability featuring 12x USB and 8x COM supports all connected gate devices and sensors


Evolved Graphic Processing

GPU supports accelerated deep-learning inference delivering faster, more accurate facial recognition. As it collects increasing image data, its abilities to identify features at greater distances and recognize increasingly-sophisticated identity deceptions. These strengths make C&T’s GPU computing systems ideal for machine vision, traffic regulation, telemedicine, voice recognition and myriad graphics-dependent Industry 4.0 or IIoT deployments.



  • Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Graphics engine based on NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU architecture

  • Supports up to 8x USB and 4x COM

  • Supports up to 10x LAN/8x PoE

  • 2x universal I/O brackets for added port expandability

  • 4x mini-PCIe for expansion, 4x SIM socket

  • 8x DI + 8x DO with isolation

  • 9 to 48VDC wide range power input

  • -25°C to 70°C extended operation temperature

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